So, I am not going to do a huge follow-forever because I’m afraid there’d be hurt feelings and I’d miss a bunch of people, and there are a bunch of you I talk to but I can’t keep urls straight anymore. But I feel the need to thank a handful of people for basically keeping me alive this year. The people I don’t mention below are no less important to me, please please please know that. I’m looking forward to the next year on this website with all of you and getting to know some of you much better! I’ve been getting better about putting myself out there and plotting and talking and having fun with more of you, and I’m so excited to continue doing that. But these people below have gotten me through this past year. They’ve listened to me rant and whine and bitched right along with me. They’ve been a huge part of this really huge, trying year for me. Not that you all haven’t been, too. Merry Christmas, I love all of you so much!

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